How to Make a Pie Chart in Excel

Select your data.

Create the pie chart.

With your data selected, head to the Insert tab at the top. It should look like:

Customize your chart.

This is completely optional — it’s up to you whether or not you need to display more information than what is displayed in the default chart above. For presenting it may be helpful to have the actual values displayed, which represent the different percent of the total of each the measured values. To do this, you can right click (or click with two fingers if you’re on Mac, or control+click) on the pie chart and select “Add data labels”.

Skadoosh. You’ve got a pie chart.

There are plenty of additional customizations available in Excel to change the look and feel of your pie chart. These are important as they can affect how the information is presented to your audience, but that’s for another article.



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