Residential parking lot closures at my university created excessive demand for parking.

Shortly after the start of the Fall 2020 semester, my university cut off access to half of the residential parking spaces available near my dorm. Finding parking as a resident on campus was hard enough as it was before that happened. Upon contacting the university regarding why the parking deck was closed off, I did not receive a transparent response.

Finding a parking spot in the fall semester after getting back home late from my job was like an animal desperately hunting for prey. And that’s not exaggerating. I often had to camp in my car for a while to…

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I recently went on a Mini-Golf date with my girlfriend, which was my first time playing Mini-Golf in years. With present-day knowledge, I couldn’t help but see our score card as a dataset and suspect a trend in our performance. That called for analysis!


For this project, I decided to take a strange route to analyze an 18-row dataset. I entered in the score card into a spreadsheet and loaded the dataset into a jupyter notebook using pandas. …

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Desperate for a summer job to add more data science work experience for my resume, I accepted an offer from my brother to work for a company specializing in golf cart part distribution. The role was a data entry role, meant to take around 10,000 rows of messy, manually entered inventory data, and move it to a more organized CSV that would be readable by a new software Eagle was planning to use.

Any computer scientist or data scientist would probably anguish at the thought of moving 10,000 rows of data from one place to another manually, especially given data…

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With increasing incentive and collective interest in electric vehicles mostly in the automobile industry (but scaling beyond that), demand for Lithium-ion batteries is increasing and will likely continue to grow at unprecedented rates. The goal of this analysis is to provide insight on preparing for shortages to anyone needing to source lithium-ion batteries. For companies like Samsung SDI, the recently announced battery supplier for Rivian, this information may prove to be useful.

Data was gathered from, which provided me with a dataset from BP Statistical Review.

Knowing where to begin with your resume, especially when you have no prior professional experience and are still an undergraduate student, can be daunting. You need to land that internship this summer, yet you have no idea where to begin. You’re applying to internships and never hearing back, and you suspect it’s your resume’s fault.

Fear not, I was in the same boat recently. I had been doing a spray and pray on job boards with internship applications for months, hardly hearing back from anyone applied to, until I landed an “get-to-know-you-better” interview at a startup called Naivya. I didn’t…


For an undergraduate research project, I created a system based off of the one designed by Nathan Rooy. Many thanks to Nathan for having kept in touch with me via LinkedIn and helping me with any issues I had along the way, as well as creating the project to begin with.

The system is a Raspberry Pi that runs an object classification TensorFlow model and stores detection data in a CSV for further analysis. Read more of the project concept and statistical analysis in the other article on my profile (which I will post here later when it is complete)

Part of a new series of blogs I plan on writing, this is the first one on a basic Excel feature. I wanted to start writing this series as I plan to tutor students and mutuals alike on Excel in my courses, and it would make it far easier to provide my peers (and hopefully several others worldwide) with walkthroughs I created — explained in simple, straightforward steps.

Select your data.

Your data should look something like this. The two important sets of data you need to worry about for a pie chart are the categorical values (independent variable) and a single measured…

Jake Haines

Data Science Intern & Full-Time Student

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